Department of French

Chair: Dr. Ekaterina Y. Gorbacheva, Associate Professor.

Address: Dept of French, korpus 5, room 210, Chayanova St. 15, RSUH, Moscow, 125993.

Phone: +7 (495) 250-62-05.


The Department was founded in 1996. The faculty comprises over 20 teachers.

At present the Department offers classes for undergraduate and graduate students of:

  • Institute of Economics, Management and Law;
  • L. S. Vygotsky Institute of Psychology; 
  • Mass-Media Institute;
  • Dept of Philosophy; 
  • Dept of Sociology; 
  • Social Anthropology Center.

These are non-linguistic majors. The courses generally begin with the А1 level.

The faculty of the Department has written a number of textbooks and manuals for students and carries out research on methodology of French language teaching.

The Department has joint programs with French universities (University of Albi, University of Lyon, etc).